I Missed My Train


The Story of a hidden child during World War II
Ernst Van Gelderen survived World War II through a unique set of circumstances. 71 years later he’s finally ready to tell his story. It just might redefine your idea of family and fate.

I Missed My Train is a short documentary intended for the educational market with a focus on one man’s journey revisiting his experiences as a hidden child during the Holocaust. The film follows retired businessman Ernst Van Gelderen as he recounts the key events of his early years during World War II. Along the way his personal memories are juxtaposed against the historical context of those times provided by several renowned European experts. Ernst’s powerful memories from one of the most traumatic time periods in history will leave you questioning the meaning of fate and your definition of family while thinking about the possibilities for hope in modern times.


The first phase of production was completed in Holland during November 2014. Recently, we finished additional production days in Austin, TX this past June 2016 to capture the reunion between Ernst and his sister (see the image below). We are now raising funds for creating innovative reenactment sequences of Ernst’s early memories. We will then be moving into post-production.


Heartstone Studios Ernst and Lies Van Gelderen with Bill and Karina Williams from 2016

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